Spinal Corrective Care

We utilize the leading Medical Journals on Spinal biomechanics, Neurosurgery, Clinical Treatments, Spinal therapeutics and rehabilitation outcomes and best practices, combined with our decades of patient driven results, and utmost focus on care and quality of treatment.   Combined with our continual improvement and ongoing research projects, we deliver the latest in health related quality of life and best care practices to our patients.

  • Data Driven – We don’t guess, we test: objective and quantifiable health outcome measures

  • Results Orientated – People achieve dramatic life-changing health with our Systems

  • Research Led – We’re actively engaged and contributing to the latest and largest medical literature in true Health & the Spine

You want to live life to the fullest, who doesn’t.  You want to be able to go on Vacations when you want, play with your Kids without limitations,  work at a high capacity, without interruptions.  Whether it’s because of horrible sleep, energy and fatigue issues, or constantly being stressed out and sick, having to lose money because of days off work!  Or worse! You end up going to work and suffering through the day with headaches, migraines and sinus congestion or allergy issues.

You just want to be relaxed, and not so stressed out.  You’re just sick and tired, of being sick and tired!
Most people in that case are already taking 6-14 drugs, medications (that includes over the counter).
If that sounds like you, don’t you think its time to change?

Unfortunately, you are just like those same people. The same ones that are dying from the top 3 killers in industrialized countries.  Those top  killers are also Lifestyle diseases.

Here’s how we’re going to change that!

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments reduce pain and improve movement. We provide a variety of adjusting styles to fit you and your preferences.

Postural Correction

Is your poor posture leading to chronic pain and headaches? Our specialized equipment helps to restore optimal spinal alignment, posture and overall health.

Digital X-Ray

Our state-of-the-art digital x-rays and imaging systems allow us to provide expert diagnosis and structural & functional analysis for our patients to address the root cause of your conditions.

Sports Medicine

We utilize a variety of comprehensive treatment to facilitate the body’s soft tissue and myofascial systems to not only correct the spine faster, but to recover faster from injuries, rehab chronic conditions, and optimize athletic performance.

Objective Results

When it comes to the best in spinal biomechanics, kinematics and neurophysiological outcomes, we are the leaders committed to your health.  Our exams, consultations and procedures are objectively and scientifically driven.  We don’t guess, we test.  To guess, means your health would be in jeopardy.

Our exams start with baseline testing.  A baseline gives us a framework with which to work from.  If you don’t know the current curvatures and measurements of your Spine, you’re missing the cornerstone, the backbone, of true health.  To take the first step forward, you need to know what type of vehicle you’re driving (current spinal structure), the driver (neurophysiological state of health) and the GPS and roadmap (philosophy and psychology of reaching your health goals).

  • Spinal stress test – A unique mode of imaging designed to target damaged & injured regions of your spine affecting health;  94% of which doesn’t cause pain!

  • Detailed History & Goals – People achieve health goals faster when they are extremely specific and know why they set them

  • Neurological Exam – The most important, the most detailed, and the most comprehensive exam you’ll ever experience, and the findings may astound you

  • Report of Findings – We cover your spinal examination in detail, develop an advanced game plan & strategy, and outline advanced workshops and seminars we put on to help you specifically and scientifically hit your 5, 10 and 20+ year goals

If you’re waiting until you’re in pain to take care of yourself, you’re using the same GPS as most humans.   You are using the wrong road map towards health, and you’re headed there at 100 mph! Fast! In the wrong direction.   The wrong direction that’s leading away from living a happy and high quality of life, full of energy and fulfillment.  One that is full of cancer, heart disease, and nursing homes ($7,000-10,000 a month).

Aren’t you ready to start living!? Start enjoying Life!
Welcome to Advanced Spinal Institute, the Benchmark for Quality of Life.

Meet The Doctors

Our team of Doctors are all committed to one thing, life long students along the ‘Journey of Excellence’. Whether on site, or remote, our Doctors are collaborating, networking, and utilizing every scientific resource available to maximize and ensure your results.

Associate Doctor
Yep. That’s a stock image! We knew you’d like it.
Now’s your chance to Apply to work with and become the next elite, fit and clinically skilled spinal biomechanics Doctor in the World.
Dr. W. Ryan Livingston
Dr. W. Ryan LivingstonMedical Director
Dr. Ryan grew up in children’s hospital, and a consistent part of make a wish foundation and children’s free care fund. He gave up his childhood to sickness and disease, and at a young age he gave up on medicine because it just kept killing him. That’s when he had to take his life into his own hands. At a young age he learned what true health was, and how to achieve it. Since then he healed from liver cirrhosis, cancer and the common childhood allergies, asthma, chronic infections and immune diseases plaguing most children today.
Associate Doctor
Yep. That’s a stock image! We knew you’d like it.
Now’s your chance to Apply to work with and become the next elite, fit and clinically skilled spinal biomechanics Doctor in the World.

“If we are to do anything great in this Life, and the World, we must recognize that the legacy we leave extends beyond us as individuals.  It begins with our solid foundation of Science;  vehemently and passionately we pursue truth, and pass on these keys to those behind us.  Together, we stand tall, bold.  On the shoulders of giants.”



The latest scientific breakthroughs in spinal biomechanics, kinetics and neurophysiological health.


Our spinal correction care incorporates the best scientific evidence, to deliver you results!


Our facility utilizes the latest science and imaging techniques to deliver excellence in care.


We don’t guess, we test. We perform highly objective and detailed exams from head to toe to accurate assess your spinal health.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team of spine Doctors committed to the vastly expanding knowledge of Spinal biomechanics, kinetics and neurophysiology. All united with the one common purpose, health related quality of life & performance!

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