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New Patient Application

Download Your New Patient Application Paperwork PART 1 | NP Paperwork PART 2 | NP Paperwork Download the Spine X Rehab Book SPINE X REHAB SERIES

Quality of Life

"We take an in depth review of how the best Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedic surgeons and Chiropractic physicians look at your Posture & Spine, and determine it's direct impact on your overall health and quality of life. J NEUROSURGICAL TRAUMA 2015 EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL 2018 JOURNAL NEUROSURGERY 2012 When [...]

Neuropathy Workshop

FIND THE CAUSE Neuropathy Workshop  The Neuropathy Workshop Our Doctors are experts in Neuropathy and similar Neurologic conditions!  We know how severe neuropathy is on your life and your family.  Trust us, we get it.  You've tried everything from toxic drugs, surgeries, steroid injections, costly medications, and [...]

Dinner with the Doc

DINNER WITH The Doctors Get ready for a Life-changing Dinner! Our Doctors deliver an impactful, life-changing message on the current status of our healthcare industry.  There's a reason we have the sickest adults and children, yet we take the most drugs and medications.  The US consumes most [...]

Lunch N’ Learn

LUNCH'N'LEARN EliteCare & your Posture Ready to book the Talk!? Our team brings FREE catered lunch to your workplace and delivers lifechanging knowledge, education and impact on the vital importance of Posture and your overall Health. Here's what you need to know: The talks last 20-25 minutes! [...]