The Doctors

Join us for a Dinner where our Doctors uncover the fallacies between what we’ve been taught, and what we actually need to do to avoid the top 3 killers, and how we dramatically change our perspective on health, and most important of all, we give you the action steps necessary to live your best life now, and truly achieve generational health.

We cover how to avoid the top 3 killers in the U.S., lifestyle diseases.  From birth, we’ve been indoctrinated into a culture that preaches about health, yet statistically doesn’t live it. We have the sickest adults and children, yet we take the most drugs and medications. We’re the most overweight, obese and undernourished, yet we eat the most.

“When it comes to speaking, (the Doctors) are captivating, inspirational and impactful. Plus, (the Doctors) genuinely care. When it comes to EliteCare, as (our Doctors) call it, they’ve coined it, they’ve created it, and they’re leading by example.”




We’ve partnered with select local food and drink companies to bring an experience like no other!   Our team brings FREE catered lunch to your workplace and delivers lifechanging education and impact on Posture and your overall Health.   The talks last 20-25 minutes, and there’s always a special prize for those who engage and retain the most information.  We reward you for investing in your health. In addition, an exclusive opportunity to come visit our clinic will be given at the end of the talk.

You can skip ahead of the waiting line, and look like a hero by your fellow co-workers, by booking the lunch and learn for your company now! Just hit the contact form below, fill out some information, and we’ll be reaching out to you shortly!



Our Doctors are expert speakers in their respective fields.  These talks are designed with the corporate office and workplace in mind.  We help companies improve their bottomline by keeping workers fit, up to date on nutrition and health, and keeping their posture healthy.  To book a series of talks with our Doctors please call the front desk for pricing information.
Below is a list of the most common topics we speak on:

BioHacking the Human Kinetic Chain,  Elite Movement & Performance  |  Perfect for:  Athletic Teams, Highschool Teams, Professional Athletes

Fatigue, Energy & Your Hormones  |  Perfect for:  Struggling Women, Mothers and Young Women

Car Crashes & Navigating Your Case With An Attorney  |  Perfect for:  People in Car Crashes, Disabling Injuries from Hoverboards,  Falls & Other Injuries

Priming the Fuel Pump,  Elite Performance & Nutrition  |  Perfect for:  CrossFit Athletes, Sports Teams, Professional Athletes

Battle of the Sexes, Balancing Your Hormones  |  Perfect for:  Husbands, Wives and Spouses; Couples

Ergonomics in the Workplace  |  Perfect for:  Corporate Desk Jobs, Bankers, Financial Agents, Tech/Start Up Companies

BioHacking the Brain, Elite MiNd-Velocity  |  Perfect for:  Tech Start-Up Companies & Cutting Edge Corporations, Google/Uber/Facebook

Gridiron Grit & The Steel-City Backbone |  Perfect for: Construction Workers & Heavy Machine Operators




Sports Injuries

No Days off!  Elite Athletes demand the best performance.   For collegiate athletes, their scholarships are usually on the line too.  No Days off!  Elite Athletes demand the best performance.   End of excerpt here 🙂