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The latest, most important, and most applicable scientific discoveries and medical literature on the spine and how your health benefits as a result.

Can your Spine influence genetics?

Promising research on telomere length shows that corrective spinal biomechanics changes telomere length. Our medical objective measures of genetic expression and the nerve system continue to improve. Heart rate variability, perhaps the most fundamental gold standard on the nerve system, shows promising links to genetic expression.  If you can 'hear' your environment better, you can 'respond' better.

Why Your Back Is Causing You Brain Damage?

Your spine is responsible for sensory input into the nerve system. Weakened, damaged and injured regions of your spine cause lack of 'online' 'LIVE' information being signaled back to your brain and result in attenuated brain cortical evoked responses. As these studies show with fMRI and diagnostic brain imaging, poor curves in your spine cause unhealth and undesirable brain changes!

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