Neuropathy Workshop 

The Neuropathy Workshop

Our Doctors are experts in Neuropathy and similar Neurologic conditions!  We know how severe neuropathy is on your life and your family.  Trust us, we get it.  You’ve tried everything from toxic drugs, surgeries, steroid injections, costly medications, and expensive diets with no results.  Unfortunately, if you’re like most, you’ve even had surgical ablasions, cut nerves, or worse, began to lose your extremitites.  This type of suffering doesn’t have to happen.

Our team of Doctors are ready to help you take the next step in discovering the underlying cause of your disabling condition.  It’s going to take energy and effort, and we’re with you every step of the way!  Take the most important step to change your life, forever.  Come meet the Doctors and team that will help you find a solution.

  • The Workshop lasts 45 minutes!
  • You’ll learn about neuropathy, the various causes, and underlying conditions you didn’t know about!
  • We discuss the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in nutrition that can help your condition.
  • We’ll explore alternative methods that deliver long term results!
  • You’ll leave with peace of mind, and clarity! And most important of all… Hope.
  • Take Action towards your life changing Journey!  You’re one step away from being amongst our wall of fame success stories!




Sports Injuries

No Days off!  Elite Athletes demand the best performance.   For collegiate athletes, their scholarships are usually on the line too.  No Days off!  Elite Athletes demand the best performance.   End of excerpt here 🙂