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Clinical Examination

Our spinal correction care gets results, where many other systems continue to fail patients.  The scientific medical literature may be powerful and advancing, however it alone is useless. When you come to an advanced spinal institute clinic you can expect excellence in care, treatment and guidance.  The clinical exam exists multiple parts:

  • Background history & Story – extensive and specific detailed history is critical to the exam – we find out just how long your issues have really been going on.  The majority of patients often find out that their problems all have a unique identifier and source that often stems decades back into their early years, often times spinal issues start at birth

  • Orthopaedics – specific orthopaedic tests are performed according to your presentation and our findings

  • Functional Neurology– Neurological examinations and procedures are performed to uniquely identify hidden unconscious patterns that are affecting you daily and influencing your current spinal and nerve system disposition – most patients have never before been exposed to an understanding of the nerve system in this fashion

  • Advanced imaging – dynamic imaging, motional analysis, stress studies and complied 3D analysis of your spine as dictated by your specific findings

  • Applied Kinesiology – an extension of functional neurology is discriminately testing the muscles, as they are an extension of neurology –  our clinicians will perform advanced biokinetic testing as necessary

Our goal is to deliver more value at a higher level than both the current accepted standards, and than anything you’ve currently experienced; getting you results, setting high goals for you and your family’s life is the ultimate goal.

Expect excellence. 

Spinal Correction Care

The proper Spinal Biomechanics & Biokinetics are essential to life.  We explore what healthy normal structure of the spine looks like, the specific angles and curvatures down to the millimeteres and degrees.  The new technology that looks at the effects on the brain, the spinal cord and the entire nerve system when your spine is weakened, damaged and injured.

  • Relative Rotational Angles – intervertebral biomechanical angles of the vertebral column
  • Absolute Rotational angles – global spinal variances affect the C.N.S. on a dramatic level

  • Biokinetics – dynamic & motion studies of the spine show where dysfunction occurs at each vertebral level

  • Heart Rate Variability – the gold standard for ‘live’ feedback of your current overall central nerve system

  • Neurosurgery – degenerative changes of the spine due to poor biomechanical & biokinetic forces may necessitate surgical intervention

Technology & Health

The latest literature explores how to optimally manage, maintain and improve spinal curvatures.

  • HRV – heart rate variability is the forefront gold standard on current C.N.S. ‘activity’ and ‘live’ feedback

  • Wearable Devices – technology has allowed physicians access to constant monitoring of nerve system activity

  • Clinical Neurology – maximizing true health and performance requires monitoring and assessing function – to monitor function, post-doctorate clinical neurological education and implementation is critical

  • Postural Dynamic Imaging – objective postural and dynamic movement assessments add qualitative measures to allow the physicians to build out the best spinal correction care for you, and show objective scientific improvements throughout care

If you’re in the field of technology, and have an exciting new advancement, or suggestion for us to adopt, drop us a line! We’d be more than happy to review and investigate the technology, and see how we could incorporate it into our current medical literature practices and outcomes measures.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team of spine Doctors committed to the vastly expanding knowledge of Spinal biomechanics, kinetics and neurophysiology. All united with the one common purpose, health related quality of life & performance!

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