Does the Nerve System Influence the Flu Virus

Direct Control & Function

One of the largest players in the game of immune function is the thymus gland.  The thymus gland is under direct and large control via the spinal cord’s extension called nerve roots.  These nerve roots are highly distributed with afferent and efferent control.  The thymus gland is constantly creating lymphocytes, t-cells, and other neuroimmune modulators, or signaling them, to mount attacks again ‘foreign invaders’.

When the nerve system influence is impeded or decreased, the thymus gland begins to decrease it’s signals and effects on the body. Dysfunction slows the immune response and causes it to become hyperactive, or ‘overreact’ to and treat the body as foreign, also known as ‘autoimmune’ conditions.  To make matters worse, once your sympathetic system kicks off, like we see so rampant in industrialized nations, your immune system function overall is dramatically decreased.  This is how stress literally makes us sick!

Stressing the System Further

The overall reactivity and state of your sympathetic response is directly controlled by your nervous system.  The more unhealth your spinal alignment, and your nerve system is, the more easily you become stressed, and the longer you stay stressed.

Certain immune cells are sensitive to ‘stress hormones’ like cortisol for example, and when those hormones stay elevated, they decrease production of those immune cells.  That means less antibodies, t-helper cells, lymphocytes, etc. to help fight off disease.  Even a few tablespoons of synthetic man-made sugar will elicit a hyperactive stress induced state and cause your immune system to decrease function for several days!  Compound that with an already weakened central nervous system, due to poor spinal health, hygiene and alignment, and your one walking recipe for sickness, disease and chronic infections.

Telemore Length & Longevity

So how does keeping your spine healthy, ie. chiropractic adjustments, have to do with aging and genetic expression?  Easy.  If you can’t interpret your environment, you can’t turn those genes on or off normally.  Medical studies on chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulations, and the spine show clearly that as you are well adjusted, and consistent with care over the long term, you improve your signals from your nerve system.  What else improves? Health related quality of life outcomes.

Health related quality of life and long term outcomes are dependent on consistent chiropractic care, Spinal Hygiene. More importantly, an abundance of literature shows how decreasing stressor responses and central nerve system thresholds, aids in decreasing sympathetic response by your body.  See our other articles if you want the details of that.  The less stress, the less cortisol, the slower you age.  Even more promising research completed and published early 2019 on telomere length shows that corrective spinal biomechanics (a specialized type of chiropractic practiced by only a few Doctors in the united states, and our institute specifically) may influence telomere length. Talk about amazing.  What you’re starting to see, as our medical objective measures of genetic expression improve, like heart rate variability, perhaps the most fundamental gold standard on the nerve systems overall health, is starting to show promising links to genetic expression.  If you can ‘hear’ your environment better, you can ‘respond’ better.  True health is exactly that, expressing your body’s capabilities and living your life maxed out.