The Fluid ‘miracle cure’ that’s helping heal from MS & Parkinsons

The Fluid Secret

The following study took a look at roughly twenty patients who had multiple sclerosis, and compared them to normal persons with no diagnosis or similar complaints. They utilized the latest technology in the medical industry called MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to determine the quality of the tissue within, and around, the spine.

The study very clearly demonstrated many key important factors. To start, there was very significant differences in the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid between the patients with MS while standing, versus while laying down. Why? When you have misalignments in your spine, called subluxations, it causes issues with abnormal neck curvatures, thoracic or low back curves.

Reality of Built Up Spinal Damage

The damaged areas of the spine affect not only the nerve signals coming from the brain to the lower body, but also throughout the spinal cord as a whole. The patients in this study had ‘minor’ accidents, according to their explanations of the incident. In reality, these incidents were severe because they didn’t seek Chiropractic spinal treatment afterwards.

Several patients got hit in the head from ‘only’ three feet. A few were shaken as an infant by an abusive parent, some were involved in a motor vehicle accident that ‘just’ bruised their neck or chest. While others just wore a seatbelt during a fender-bender, or took aggresive ballerina or dance lessons. Simple ‘accidents’ during childhood will affect CSF flow, nerve impulses and overall volume. This leads to issues with severely decreased immune function, auto-immune conditions and so much more!  The reality is, when it comes to yoru spine, the majority of injuries are smaller compounded and aggregate damages over time that have the most considerable impact.  Worse, they’re often “silent” killers because pain is rarely felt. And in this culture, you’re taught “if you’re not in pain, you’re healthy.

Even the Worst Didn’t Get Worse

The real life results from this other studies are what matters most, and they’re what matter to you and your loved ones.  Many of the patients completely stopped their tremors, shuffling gait, uncoordinated and tardic movements.  Gait and ambulation (walking) was greatly improved, and several of the patients ditched their walkers and their canes.  A majority of patients had dramatic results from correction of their spinal structure.  The best of all, was still a superior achievement compared to western medical interventions.  Even the worst patient, still did not get worse.  That means 100% of the patients had good results.  In a study of over 80+ patients, those results are astounding!

Taking Care of Business

For symptoms to fully express, it can take up to 27 years. That means that it took an average of 6-27 years to manifest severely enough for people to react. The best cure is prevention. Don’t wait to get your spine checked out. Get your family members and loved ones in today!
What’s it worth to find out where you stand with the health of your Spine?