Would you rather have a back problem, or a brain problem?

The Link between your Brain and Spine Damage

When you have problems with your back, your body creates neurological adaptations.  They rarely cause pain, in fact only 6-8% of the time are they related to pain.  It gets more real.  In fact, these damages are ocuring because of dysfunctions of the spinal biomechanics and kinematics.  When your spine doesn’t move properly, your brain shuts off those areas. That’s not good!  So, what can you do about it?  Have your spine checked and adjusted for those misalignments and losses of joint biokinematics.

Several key studies followed asymptomatic patients, ones who ‘thought’ they were healthy, and studied their brains before and after adjustments. Cervical spinal adjustment (on these patients with no pain) influences the cortical brain and can create neuroplastic changes in the brain tissue. While mental health is key, there are counselors and emotional modification programs that take several months that cannot duplicate the neuroplastic changes in the brain that occur with one single chiropractic adjustment.

Neurophysiological Changes in the Brain

How many people in your community, friends, maybe even a loved one or family member, are suffering from brain issues or back issues.  They need to know that misalignments in the Spine create abnormal brain physiology without causing any known symptoms! The chiropractic adjustments have a direct influence on sensory input into the nerve system, and result in attenuated brain cortical evoked responses. In other words, their brain changes for the better!

It was noted that “enhanced active inhibition” of the sympathetic nervous system tone occurred in every post-adjustment measurement!  This study was placebo controlled, and were able to undeniably prove that it clearly wasn’t a placebo effect or just “laying on of hands”. In some studies there were placebo controlled groups who received sham adjustments, and those who were set up for an adjustment, brought to tension and leaned into, but the high velocity low amplitude thrust was not made.  As you would guess, these groups fMRI reflected no cortical neuroplastic change. So what’s the point?

The bottom line here is that the vertebral subluxation or misalignment of the spine, caused by chronic poor posture damage, or acute sudden traumatic damage like a fender-bender, or sports injury, leads to a overload on the central nervous system.  What occurs in the brain is the bombardmentwith afferent signals from joints and surrounding muscles.  It’s as if the body is trying to alert the nerve system, “Houston, we have a problem! I’m not moving correctly!” (much like a tracton warning light signal coming on in your car).  A chiropractic adjustment reduces these excessive signals and improves altered input into the CNS, resulting in better adaptation to any internal or external stimuli. Improving brain adaptability is one of the most important areas of study today in all of healthcare, and especially for sports performance, and health related quality of life!